Nevegal and the surrounding area


Nevegal Botanic Garden

The beauty of Nevegal derives from its natural setting, nestling between the Dolomites on the one hand and the Veneto plain on the other. In both summer and winter the area offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy your favourite sports activities or simply to relax in the unspoilt surroundings.

This is the ideal place not only for a holiday break, but also to purchase a property you can make use of all year, enjoying nature to the full, and making the most of the numerous attractions the area offers, such as mountain refuges, dairy huts and restaurants.

Here you can spend your free time taking walks in the summer or skiing on the slopes in the winter, or perhaps visiting the Sanctuary of Maria Immacolata di Lourdes, the pinewood, the Pian dei Longhi Sports Centre, or the spectacular Botanic Garden at Faverghera.

Downhill skiers can also enjoy their favourite sport after dark, thanks to the splendid floodlit Coca run, and there are also plenty of great options open for cross-country skiers, sledging fans and ski mountaineers, as well as the chance to enjoy some pleasant trips out on ciaspe snow shoes.